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BADGER MESH DIAMOND BLADES are robust blades, specially designed to make very demanding cuts in all types of hard materials. With BADGER MESH blades, the user can cut granite, slate, quartz, rustic stoneware or porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, among others. The specific design of the BADGER MESH DIAMOND BLADES gives them high resistance to overheating, offering double cooling during the cutting process. The design of the diamond band follows the guidelines of a TURBO blade, that guarantees that the air circulates through its slots,obtaining thecorrect flow during the cut. The perforations distributed throughout the steel core, ensure that the air flows evenly, bringing blade cooling to levels never seen in other blades inthis range. BADGER MESH blades are mainly blades for dry cutting, but if the tool in which they are used allows the use of water, they will not be affected. Like the vast majority of its diamond blades, RUBI uses laser technology to join the BADGER MESH diamond band to the steel soul of the disk. Laser welding is the greatest guarantee of quality and safety in the production of diamond blades. The central reinforcement in the steel core of BADGER MESH gives them greater resistance to bending. RUBI Tools BADGER MESH blades are PREMIUM diamond blades. PREMIUM cuttingblades are the recommended and most specialized option to get the best results. RUBI recommends using appropriate clothing, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear protection, head protection, a dust mask or some type of respirator. Strict attention to the instructions for the safe use of the equipment, when cutting with diamond blades, is required for the protection of its operator and others around the cutting area.

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